About us


Big plans started out of a personal need for better life management tools.

In early 2018, my partner and I were finding that we were struggling to understand what we had coming up, and how far away things we had planned were. So, I made us a wall planner for what was left of the year, in a very similar format to what you see now with our big wall planners, except it was much smaller, and fit on two A3s taped together. We used this for the rest of the year and not only did it help us plan our lives, and see what we had on, but it helped us reflect on what we had done.

2019 was rolling around, and being a designer who uses post it notes for everything, I wanted to integrate them in to the next version of our planner somehow. It quickly became apparently that this was going to be a bit of a ‘go hard or go home’ thing, and after playing round with different designs, I ended up with a two metre long wall planner. I got it printed at a local stationary store and put it up in our hallway. We got some comments from friends who came round, and so I put it up on facebook. The response was incredible, and so I posted it to LinkedIn, and it just went absolutely crazy from there.

The first photo of the prototype of our first full scale Wall Planner.

The first photo of the prototype of our first full scale Wall Planner.

I spend the next week managing orders through LinkedIn (not recommended), while dealing with printers, cropping posters on my lounge room floor with a stanley knife and ruler, rolling and packing posters, making trips to the post office, and not sleeping a lot. These initial orders went as far as Canada.

We’ve matured a little since then, and this is what we’ve evolved into. We have our own big plans on the horizon, and are looking forward to sharing new tools and resources to help you live a big life! A big thank you to everyone who has supported me on this crazy little journey!


Founder, Big Plans