Monthly Wall Planner - Digital A3 - 6 Months

Monthly Wall Planner - Digital A3 - 6 Months

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Well, y’all told me it was too big. So I did something about it.

This calendar is designed so each month is on a single A3 page, all while maintaining the all important 35mm x 49mm Post-it size. All the benefits of Post-it-ing, but none of the constraints of a 2 metre long bit of paper.

Arrange it how you want! A 3x4 grid, only 3 months at a time, horizontal, vertical! So many choices… This calendar gives you a bunch more options are how you use it. And because it’s a digital file, you can just print out what you need when you need it.

Heaps of flexibility, heaps of room to get creative. Just what the doctor ordered.

This version includes April - October 2019.

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