Big Plans is what Bob Ross what call a happy accident.

The earliest iteration of what is now Big Plans started in late January 2018. My partner and I were struggling to see everything we had on, and wanted a way to have a better view of the year that lay ahead of us. I played with a few different ways we could do this, and ended up at the layout that you see now in our current annual planners. Except it was tiny and printed on two A3 taped together. We used it consistently for a year, and wrote on it in pencil so we could rub stuff out when things moved around.

2019 was rolling round pretty quickly, and we’d discussed an upgrade from A3 to something with a bit more substance, and we wanted to integrate Post-it Notes somehow, because, well, that would simply be better right? So I put on my go-hard-or-go-home hat, and designed and printed the first version of our two metre annual planner. I somehow managed to stick it up by myself, just before new year kicked around. We started using it straight away, and had some friends comment on it. I stuck it up on Facebook, and after a surprising response, I put it on LinkedIn too.


This is where it really blew up. I had an incredible amount of interest, and the idea was generally so well received. I printed a bunch of these and spent the week rolling round the lounge room floor, trimming, rolling, and packing tubes, and sending them off all over the country and the world. It was at this point that I realised I might just be on to something, and thus, Big Plans was born.

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